Absolutely! The cleaning and sanitization process is extremely important to us. Each piece of baby equipment is first cleaned, then thoroughly sanitized following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

Definitely! All of our baby equipment has been purchased new by Baby’s Beach Rentals. We safety check each piece of baby equipment prior to renting it out, each and every time. We also track recall information on a regular basis through the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website www.cpsc.gov, which provides automated recall updates on baby equipment.

Baby Beach Rentals is committed to your child’s safety. We are the only company serving the Gulf Coast whose every full size crib has been replaced with cribs which are certified compliant with the new 2012 CPSC standards. There is a full 24″ between the top of the mattress and the top of the side rail. If you do not feel you can reach into crib to lay your baby down to sleep, please call to discuss options.

We request that you reserve your baby equipment when you finalize your vacation travel plans. During our peak season, we may run out of popular baby items. Make your reservations as soon as possible to avoid additional fees. We typically require a minimum of 72 hours delivery notice on all orders. However, we are happy to try and accommodate requests for delivery with less notice. Additional Delivery Fees may apply to rental requests made less than 72 hours before arrival. Take advantage of our early order discount. See our Web Specials. If you have ordered on the web less than 72 hours prior to your arrival, we may not have all items available. Please check your email for confirmation.

No, we do not require any deposit on baby equipment. We ask that if your vacation travel plans change, to notify us as soon as possible. We understand that your plans may change or be cancelled, notifying us will allow for that baby equipment to be rented by another little vacationer. For cancellations, there will be a refund issuance of 50% of the paid rental payment. (THIS DOES NOT CURRENTLY APPLY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

PLEASE NOTE – You will be charged full rental price if you do not cancel your order 72 hours prior to the day of arrival.

You must pay for at least a three day rental on equipment.
All baby equipment must be clean and available for pick up by 10am the day of departure.
We will pick up the key from your Rental Agency on the morning of delivery. We set up the baby equipment in the room you have requested so your equipment is already in your unit or house when you arrive. On very busy summer weekends, we sometimes run until 6pm on certain routes.
We will contact you by email shortly after placing your order to introduce ourselves and confirm your order. Please read your confirmation carefully to make sure we are all on the same page. You can reach us if you have any questions or concerns at 850-485-8300
We must to be able to have access to the unit between all the hours of 10am and 3pm on both the delivery and pick up day. Oftentimes front desk key or a lockbox is available to us. Because we run a very tight schedule, surcharges may apply if pre-arrangements are not met. If we are not able to gain access for delivery, we will retry the following day. If we are not able to retrieve our equipment, the guest will be responsible for additional rental charges.
Our cribs are full size baby beds, and although they are easily wheeled around, they may not fit through the doorways in some properties. Some assembly is required, and we prefer to set up the cribs so we know they are properly assembled. If you move the crib to a different location, an additional charge may apply.
Notify us as soon as possible. If you extend your stay, your rental company will not necessarily call us and your equipment may not available for your use. Likewise, if you leave early, it is best to let us know so we can pick up the equipment as soon as possible.
No, but you can call the Car Seat Hotline at (850) 471-6520 and schedule an appointment to install your car seat.
We charge a flat $20 delivery fee that will cover the cost of pick up, set up and delivery.